I was with with space

just the night

before gravity was created.

i rolled and rolled

traveling the 1000 and infinite miles

on a simple wish, galloping the stars

and watching how the sun rays filtered

through the house of Newton

and into his brain.

I landed on the apple

that landed on his head,

so now when people talk about falling and rising again,

i tell them i know the story,

i know when it was formed

i know what to expect

and i know when it’s time to rise again.

Finally, i did it!

While most of us spend our walking days thinking of things we could have done and basking in the regret of not doing them, very few people get that satisfaction of actually doing what they have always wanted to do, for me it is starting this blog. I really cant say what gave me the strength to wake up today and do this but i”ll tell you this, starting a blog is something i have always dreamt of, it is something i have always fantasized about like an 18 year old Disney cartoon lover who has just fallen in love. Though starting a blog seem so easy and just few clicks away, the fear in me seemed to pile up like an ocean that suddenly had the magical urge to walk. I am happy and there is no other better way to say it, i did it and trust me, if i can start a blog with all the fears i had, then you sure as hell can start anything you wish to as long as it is not wrapping a bomb round yourself and blowing up a shopping mall. I’ll find my way around here soon and who knows, i could become one of the best blogger here but first, allow me to scream to myself “i did it’ maybe the sound can drive the little fear i still feel inside away.